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Getting started 

Southern Cross has been helping dental people to find new jobs in London and the surrounding areas for many years. 

 We work hard to listen to each candidate and match their skills and to their ideal job


We understand that each practice and candidate is unique. 

We make things easy, one call or email to us detailing the  staff  you require, the hours and  pay offered, we will ensure that you have a choice of candidates that match your own surgery  profile, no more wasted interview or telephone calls. Leaving you time to spend with patients not on administration. 

All candidates are interviewed prior to meeting clients. 

More information please

If you have never worked in the United Kingdom and require more information about registering for work and the sort of experience needed, or getting your qualification recognised, we can help you get started .  

Dental Assistant job

Exclusive area for current temporary nurses to download timesheets,  update personal records,  upload timesheets  for processing. 

Dental Nurse Temp

Area for clients to update us on change of account details, give feedback on staff, raise  account queries, get copy invoices or timesheets or send an email when you are making a payments. 

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